Twospoonfuls of inspiration

Like any little kid growing up on a farm in the Bay of Plenty, there was no better, more aventurous or exciting place in the whole world for Sheryl Cole. Surrounded by animals and beautiful new zealand bush on one side, with its amazing rivers for rock hoping and waterfalls and on the other, the Pacific Ocean with boating, fishing, water skiing and kayaking - Sheryl really has been inspired by the spice of life.

When Sheryl wasn't out and about enjoying the outdoors - she was inside using the outdoor inspiration to create her handmade greeting cards - birthdays, christmas, anniversaries and even making up special occasions just so she could try out a new design!

Over time, it became clear there were some furry and feathery favorites, and the vast menagerie was whittled down to become the Famous Farmyard Five, the core inspiration behind twospoonfulsofsugar first collection "the farmyard".

Twospoonfuls of passion

People always ask, how did you come up with the name?

It's a little bit of a surprise that an old comic book someone had left in her design school common room should provide Sheryl with the perfect name for her enterprise: 'two spoonfuls of sugar'. The words leapt off the page. And so twospoonfulsofsugar was officially born.

Sheryl's fun and unique approach to her designs reflects her caring nature and love for sharing. With twospoonfulsofsugar, sheryl really wanted something a bit more than just a flat card. After all, these are going to be given to someone on a special occasion and she wanted the biggest smiles possible.

The warmth of the furry textures is matched by the warm glow of delight you'll see spreading across a child's face, which in turn spreads back to you. A smile is never just a smile and a twospoonfulsofsugar card is definitely not 'just a card'!

Twospoonfuls of innovation - the 'Make-Me' kit

Along with fun new characters in development, a new line has been created to meet the happy requests from customers wanting to fully immerse themselves in the twospoonfulsofsugar experience: The "Make-Me" kit.

These make-your-own greeting card craft kits are educational in a truly engaging way, igniting children's imagination and sense of play and encouraging creativity and sharing in a fun, hands-on activity - cards that give even before they're given away.

Twospoonfuls' creator

Sheryl Cole is the creative mind behind twospoonfulsofsugar. Her background in the design industry, and her love of art, design nature and culture coupled with her passion and inquisitiveness took her around the globe to some fascinating places and unforgettable experiences, all of which infuse the twospoonfulsofsugar philosophy and designs.

"My greatest joy comes from watching people's reactions to twospoonfulsofsugar's creations; they nearly always react with a sense of child-like wonder ...with a huge, delighted smile. This is what makes my work so enjoyable and rewarding. I love knowing my customers will be passing those smiles on when they give one of my products to a friend or loved one, and then receiving a smile back in return.

I find it truly fulfilling making something with my hands - something a little fun and playful, but that's also authentic and personal. I hope that twospoonfulsofsugar products will likewise inspire and be cherished by you."

Twospoonfuls of info

Twospoonfulsofsugar products are all made by hand with love and a smile in Australia. If you'd like more information, have feedback, suggestions, questions or would like to share your reactions, we'd love to hear from you.